Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For this sem break.. i'm lucky enough to know what is in JB..
and that's the place where my loverboy grew up..
i went there for a week and get to know his parents, family and friends..
they are all so nice and friendly and it made me stick there and don't feel like going back..
but no matter what.. that's not my house rite..?
so what i did for a week was to go window shopping in Jusco Tebrau City, City Square and Holiday Plaza..
there's a day when both of us went to Jusco and go for Japanese food...
and for me.. for sure i'll order.. unagi.. hehe

this is my unagi set meal..
close up of my lovely unagi... love it so much...this is what dear had.. ramen..

of course there are other yummy good food in JB but i did not take the picture of it.. i had the ipoh hor fun, kuey tiao kia.. (their chicken feet taste marvelous..) , pan mee, seafood beehun, dim sum, bitter gourd soup and we also have korean food and it tastes so good... and also dear's god mum's food.. they are all so yummy!!

and there's a day we went to Danga Bay, which is the seaside... perfect place for couples because it has a pretty nite view and at the same time, very dangerous place to be at.. haha..

we're enjoying the merry-go-round at danga bay.. there's a mini fun fair there..
a ferry u can call it.. with bling bling lights.. on d sea at danga bay... so pretty..and this the sight of nite view at danga bay..and this... i have to say its a good transport to travel around at danga bay.. u can rent it for RM20 for 45-50 minutes.. its actually a bicycle-car.. haha.. why i said like this its because u have to paddle it, but it has a steering, bicycle brake, a honk, 4 wheels, 2 seats, and lights...
haha.. damn cool rite? this is the only one and very limited for 2 seaters.. and we're lucky to have it.. a very good experience for both of us because both of us have to paddle it for 45 minutes, and that means we can exercise our thighs!! hahabesides that, i saw this at danga bay lehhh... lam fung will be coming for his promo tour.. but not on that day i went.. so sad.. but able to take this picture at the mini stage at danga bay..
both of us on the bicycle-car.. hehe

and proudly presenting this cute little doggie.. his name is "baby".. and he has this small baby trolley/ baby chair.. its my dear's godmum's pet.. and i swear he lives better than human's life.. haha^^

so that's about JB.. it was kinda fun to me, because there are so many nice food there for me.. and i will sure go to JB again on the next sem break...
there's few more days to go and that will come to an end to the sem break for this sem..
results are released too.. didn't managed to get first class but still, im satisfied with it... Gambate for those who are taking supp.. don't give up and most importantly, don't be too nervous.. u will sure succeed.. =)

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