Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday month 20092008

Happy birthday to me...
Miss Debbie is 20 years old now.. and she should be more mature in handling any circumstances in her life..
well... my birthday celebration was on 19th sept nite, celebrating with jiawen, wee wenn, alice, calix, damien, vincent. vinson and my dear loverboy.
actually i didn't have any idea of where to go for dinner this year...
so i just came up with a suggestion to go to Bamboo Hut..
the food there was kinda expensive since all of us are still students, our budget were around RM10-20..

so i ordered this risotto thing.. its actually seafood with the yellowish rice cooked with cheese!! so has mussels and scallops. plus a few tiny prawns in it with bunch of squids..

me and dearme and calixme and da mianme and vincent
me and wenn
me and alice
me and jiawenand lastly me and myself... happy sweet 20..

all of us in Bamboo Hut.

After dinner.. we went for KTV at GOGO.. and this is the moment that everyone is waiting for..
everyone feels so high.. LOL
the 3 of us..
plus calix..
me and my lao gong.. ^^

when 12am arrived, im officially 20 years old... say goodbye to 19(teen)..
haha.. well.. thanks to everyone who attended my birthday party..
it was a blast..
although all of them were exhausted and some of us have presentation the next morning at 9am, they are still willing to spend time and celebrate with me..
im so gam dong..
and also thanks to everyone who wished me... thank you so much for remembering me and my birthday.. =)
me and my cake plus my dear singing happy birthday song to me.. ^^ 好幸福哦!

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